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Wellness Education Foundation, Inc.

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828 Hale Street
Oxford, AL 36203

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PO Box 1794
Anniston, AL 36202

Phone Number: (844) 369-2676

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What is Health and Wellness Education?
Education pertaining to Health and Wellness covers a variety of topics including but not limited to: proper diet, exercise, spinal hygiene, proper rest, stress control, tobacco cessation, and general physical stewardship principles of Wellness.
There are 4 critical components to effective positive changes toward individual wellness:
1.       Assessment
2.       Intervention
3.       Education
4.       Support
We have the opportunity to have natural lifetime wellness, but each component is critical, not only to alert the public about their present attitudes regarding Health and Wellness, but also in shifting those attitudes to a new consciousness. We hope that those educated will then be able to share the good news of personal accomplishments obtained from Wellness Education, and pass that on to others... especially friends and loved ones. We also hope that you will be able to determine if the purpose of the programs provided can fit your own purpose. We want to make a difference in lives across the nation. However, we know that this can be done more efficiently with your help and the help of others. Thank you for allowing us to help you by providing Wellness programs so that we can continue to reach out...not just for today, but for a better tomorrow.   And not just for you, but your whole family.

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