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This is a membership plan, not health Insurance
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Wellness Education foundation, Inc                                
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Yes, I want to join the Well Care Network Membership Program. I understand this is a membership program and not insurance. Discounts are available nation-wide from Well Care Network Providers and AllianceMembers for wellness services or any non insurance covered service.


If you would rather give your credit card information over the phone please call the Well Care Network Member Services Account Manager at (800) 287-9488 to get your membership activated.

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Do you know your numbers?
The Wellness Education Foundation WellCare Program begins with Improving your Health IQ by identifying your key health indicators through an on-line Health Risk Assessment (HRA).  You will prompted to fillout an online survey and prompted to enter crucial biometric data.  This will be followed by a complementary one-on-one consultation with a Wellness Education Foundation Health Coach to provide you a Personal Plan for Maximum Living and Natural Health including:
  • Your Health Age revealing how old you REALLY are.
  • Your Risk Factors which shorten your life and rob you of your good health.
  • Your Wellness Scores measuring your health on a scale of 0-100 in several areas.
  • Your crucial bio-metrics including
weight, blood pressure, body fat %, resting heart rate, Posture and your nutritional status and ability to defend against the impact of aging and chronic conditions and diseases including Cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.
  • Optional bio-metrics include Cholesterol and Glucose.

Get the Wellness Education Foundation tools, information, and assistance to understand your current health status and make improvements including products for Maximum Living and Natural Health.

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