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Living Lean

Weight Management Program

How does the program work?
While other programs and products generally provide short-term, band-aid solutions, Living Lean treats the root emotional causes of your addictive behavior. This method, called structural cognitive training, teaches and helps you practice how to make rational rather than emotional decisions about eating.


Why Living Lean is different
Your 12-session program is delivered entirely via the Internet. You are taught the principles of the program with engaging multimedia movies and highly interactive feedback. Learn how to become an ex-muncher, without feeling deprived, without missing your main munches and without feeling irritable.

You only need one button to use the course. Everything else - your schedule, your emails, and the feedback - are automated and simple to use. The program is customized to you. It guides, reinforces, and even cajoles you. Custom emails, personalized feedback, and your custom calendar help assure that you succeed.
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