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Wellness Programs
Why are they important?

The Wellness Education Foundation appreciates the life giving intervention that conventional medicine can offer in cases of acute injury, life threatening conditions or end stage disease. Conventional medicine, however, has not recognized that it fails to provide a foundation for wellness. Screening for early manifestations of disease, while necessary, is not sufficient. It is our hope that by integrating wellness knowledge, services, and products along with certain complementary healthcare approaches into the traditional medical model, all concerned (individuals and organizations) will experience greater savings, improved health and bring healthcare costs under control. And by making these services readily available to the public we can help remove the health disparities among different segments of the population.
Without this approach, wellness experts predict by 2030 government expenditures on healthcare are projected to reach 50% of government revenues. Much of this could be lessened by employers and employees adopting wellness principles into their daily lives.
Companies are facing the same crisis: Starbucks, for example, reportedly spends more on employee healthcare than coffee. Proven fact: when business leaders and their employees understand the principles of good health and act accordingly, it leads to increased wellness and prevention of injury and disease. This will impact productivity, decrease health care costs, and reduce injury rates. Teaching Wellness has been shown to have the unique ability to reduce medical claims even in the first year of implementation. 
The WEF has a business approach that uniquely provides value to Employers, Individuals, Health & Wellness Providers, Organizations, Insurance Professionals and TPA's.     
  • Employers benefit by having access to an affordable and effective means of developing a healthier workforce resulting in lower insurance costs, higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and reduced turnover.
  • Individuals receive the tools, education, assessments, and incentives to pursue healthier lifestyle choices resulting in the avoidance of many chronic conditions and diseases.   Employees and dependents with behavioral and lifestyle risk factors enter the WEF Program with the goal of affecting change.   The less effective medical model focuses more on treating symptoms.
  • Organizations such as associations, colleges, and universities benefit from our services by offering members/students an opportunity to address lifestyle and behavioral changes.
  • Health & Wellness Providers enjoy the opportunity to educate clients and, as a result, grow their practices. 
  • Insurance Professionals & TPA's will be supplied with the WEF proactive solution to the problem of increasing insurance and claims costs creating a marketable differentiation in a competitive marketplace as they add the WEF solution. This results in an increased ability to develop and attract clients.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies will benefit as we seek to educate the disease management group in long term strategies to control the progression of disease through maintaining their prescribed treatment guidelines. 
The WEF has the potential to become an instrument of real change in the way people worldwide maximize their life by improving the knowledge base and assisting individuals in accepting responsibility for their health potential.
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